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Are you looking for possibilities to help others, improve your Dutch language skills or connect to the local community of Amsterdam – without having to commit on a regular basis?  You’re very welcome to join our community platform BUUV.

About BUUV

BUUV is an online, local community platform which connects neighbors with each other in times of need, but also as a way for people to meet others with a common interest. The online system is supported by real people (volunteer neighbors) who facilitate connections.

BUUV is slang for ‘buurvrouw’, which means neighbor.

BUUV is connecting people
BUUV involves services that residents easily can provide for each other, without necessarily having to do something in return. This could be anything: getting groceries for elderly, offering your handymen services, teaching someone how to use the computer, offering companionship, meeting new people with similar interests, a chore in the house or gardening.

Everyone has something to ask or to offer
Everyone has something to ask from time to time, and everyone has something to offer. No money’s involved. It's totally up to you what kind of service you want to offer or ask. As long as it's something you feel comfortable with. At the online platform you can reed the postings 'help wanted' (in Dutch: VRAAG) or 'help offered' (in Dutch: AANBOD).

No strings attached
There are no strings attached: there’s no need for neighbours to always be there for each other. You can also help just occasionally, whenever it suits you. What may seem like a small effort for you can actually mean a lot for someone else.

BUUV is open for everyone
The BUUV initiative is open for anyone who has a supply (AANBOD) or demand (VRAAG). New residents for example, who want to get to know people. You may have noticed that most people in Holland do speak English, BUUV gives international people the possibility of practicing their Dutch or the Dutch participants to touch up their English. Clearly most adds will be written in Dutch. However language should not keep you from participating in BUUV. You’re welcome to place your English written ad.

BUUV is supported by volunteers
The online system is supported by real people (volunteers) who facilitate connections when necessary.

Get in touch with BUUV
You can subscribe yourself online and place your ad or leave a reply to others.
If you have trouble subcribing, don't hesitate and E-mail or call us 020 67 94 441